Getting Started...
WELCOME! Thank you for choosing ! Always Lowest Price ! Bankruptcy Education as your personal financial management instructional course provider. This is the course you are required to take after you have filed for bankruptcy, before your debts can be discharged.

Have you filed for bankruptcy yet?

YES: You will need to have your bankruptcy case number ready for registration. You can find this number on your Notice of Filing or any other document you received from the bankruptcy court or your lawyer after your case was filed.

NO: You are not yet ready to take this course. You will need to complete a credit counseling course, file, then return to us to take this course.


2. Did you file jointly with a husband or wife?

YES: You must each register and take the course separately. Each of you will receive a separate certificate. Be sure to LOG OUT of one account before creating the second one. Remember, you will only need to pay once. Use the paying spouse's login ID in place of payment for the second spouse.

NO: You are ready to take the course.